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Writing college-level essays

The thought of writing a college-level essay can feel intimidating, overwhelming and exhausting. After all, you’ve spent years learning how to craft reports, arguments and reflections, and now perhaps you’re wondering, ‘What will college writing bring? What will my professors expect? Am I ready? Writing is so hard…’

Jaime Delp has worked as an instructor in the English Department at the University of Michigan, as well as a published nonfiction writer. She has come to believe that voice and a genuine desire for discovery are the true keys to successful essays (in college, and well beyond).

This 3-session class will explore some of the basics of college-level writing, along with some useful insights to help you craft unique, authentic and attention-grabbing college admissions essays, cover letters, emails, introductions… you name it.

All current high school students with a desire to strengthen their voices, speak truthfully to their experiences or learn to better engage a reader’s attention are welcome! Finally, this class is designed help you feel greater confidence in your writing, and its ability to help you open doors towards the future you want.

* The instructor will select the top essays written during the workshop for June publication in the NWS Literary Journal.

Writing College Essays, Grades 9-12
Jaime Delp
Dates: Sep 27, 2020 – Oct 11, 2020
Takes place every week, total of 3 sessions






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