• Quarter page color ad in program (Sept-Dec or Jan-Aug) ($200 value)
  • Sixty event posters distributed throughout the Grand Traverse region
  • Business listed in the season line-up poster displayed at Horizon Books and
  • Cherry Capital Airport, also at City Opera House for all events
  • Cherry Capital Airport banner
  • Business name included in Record-Eagle and Northern Express ads
  • A public “thank you” for that evening’s sponsorship during introductory speech
  • Business name and logo in pre-event slide show, which is shown at all events
    24 x 36-inch “thank you” poster displayed at the sponsored event
  • 2 premium reserved tickets to your sponsored event – a $51 value
  • Opportunity to set up a display table at event to promote your business and/or collect attendee contact information
  • Clickable logo weblink on website
    Inclusion in weekly email blast to 6,800
  • NWS attendees – includes your business name/logo with clickable link
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